Dear Installer,

You can choose in which category you want to belong: PROTECT "INSTALLER", "PARTNER" or "VIP PARTNER".

Once registered in our webshop, we automatically added you at the "INSTALLER" category.

If you already have a Partner Agreement signed with us, or if you invest in the Partner Start Kit, you will belong to "PARTNER" category.


We recommend the "PARTNER" category to businesses who:

Want to prevent other PARTNERS from seeking their customers and offering them a security fog solution that your company can not provide

Want to offer to their customers a long-awaited innovative tehnology that reduces the losses due to burglary and also protect the staff in the event of a robbery

Want to increase their customers' confidence by providing a risk reduction solution that truly protects them

• Are not happy with the revenue from installing traditional security systems, burglar alarm or video surveillance system

• Are not convinced that the installation of conventional security systems will guarantee their steady revenues in the future


With more than 300 PROTECT fog cannons personal sales experiences, I dare to say that it is not only recommended, but it is almost mandatory to introduce the security fog to potential customers with a demo presentation. Potential customers are convinced IN SECONDS about the effectiveness of the PROTECT Security Fog solution.




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Investment Partner Start Kit

Partner Start Kit

+ Product Stock

Prices Installer Partner VIP Partner
Sales newsletter
Sales hotline
On-site support at first demo presentation
On-site technical training
On-site support at complex demo presentations
Demo requests forward *
Exhibition support at Partner booth On request **
Territorial exclusivity (city, county, or area) according the Sales Plan
Technical newsletter
Technical hotline
On-site support at first installation
On-site technical training
IntelliCloud access
On-site support at complex installations On request **
FOG CANNON WARRANTY 2 years 2+3 years*** 2+3 years***

* Exclusively for active Partners, who have dedicated technical and sales staff.

** The Partner will only bear the costs of accommodation and transport.

*** The Extended Warranty of 2 years (standard) + 3 years (extended) is granted to the Fog cannons installed by the Partners who, within 3 days of commissioning, fill the Extended Warranty Form accessible HERE.


What do you choose? If you want to be part of the exclusive Partner category, we are here to help you on your road to success!

Order now the Partner Start Kit and let's start working together!

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