Protect and The Whiskey Robber

How a robber becomes a security solution promoter?

Many people were suprised, when they found out, that Attila Ambrus, the former robber known as The Whiskey Robber, became the protagonist of PROTECT Security Fog commercial.

Who is The Whiskey Robber?

Attila Ambrus committed 30 banks, savings cooperatives and travel agencies robberies between 1993 and 1999. He also returned to some locations. He became known as "The Whiskey Robber", because he was often seen drinking whiskey at a nearby pub prior to the robbery.

During the 27th robbery, his partner was captured and betrayed Attila during interrogation, so the police captured Attila on the Romanian-Hungarian border. After 6 months he escaped from the Gyorskocsi prison using a rope made of shredded sheets, electric cords, and shoe laces, and commited three more robberies.

On 26 september 2002, the Supreme Court convicted him for seventeen years imprisonment in a maximum security prison. He was released after 13 years for good conduct.

What's that got to do with it? – could you ask.

When we looked for him, he couldn’t imagine how we can work together. During the conversation, it became clear that he had finally put an end to his past and he made every effort to become a recognized member of society. In fact, it uses his previous experience to help onest traders and entrepreneurs to avoid becoming a target, a victim, and gives lectures to authorities to know the way the criminals think, thereby catching them easier.

It’s not new for security companies to ask former criminals as consultants. To less common to say, a pioneer idea was to work with him not just in the background, but as a promoter of a security solution. Attila Ambrus paid for his past actions, he served his prison sentence. He was released earlier for good conduct, he completed higher education in prison and he became a qualified ceramic artist.


When we thought of the concept of the commercial, we remembered a little twist. It would have been easy for Attila to be a robber - but since he’s done with his past and he is support security technology - we decided with the staff, that he should be the seller in the jewellery store.

The young man playing the robber thus faced with two suprises: On the one hand, he faces a real professional, who was his role model when he entered the criminal field, on the other hand the fog, activated by seller player Attila, forces him to flee.

A security system is really effective, when people, who worked on the „other side” are giving an opinion about it. It’s no secret that the first time we met Attila Ambrus, he experienced how Security Fog works. According to him, during robberies that he commited, he was able to control the events all the time and his heart rate barely increased. But, when the fog covered everything in the office, he could only think how to escape.

At the end of the interview, he concluded: WHAT CANNOT BE SEEN CANNOT BE STOLEN!


PS. In 2018, the film about his life was released in cinemas: "The Whiskey Bandit". Watch the movie trailer:



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