MultiCard expansion board

MultiCard expansion board
MultiCard expansion board
MultiCard expansion board
MultiCard expansion board
Compatible Fog Cannon:
FOQUS, QUMULUS, 600, 600i, 1100, 1100i, 2200, 2200i
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Add various useful functionalities to the fog cannon.

E.g. 9 extra output signals for precise and separate identifi cation of the output signals. And input for reliable and simple panic button solution.

MultiCard saves end users and installers valuable time and money during, and after installation.



• 9 extra independent outputs (13 in total): It is now possible to separate the various fault conditions. This saves time and money as the control center can identify the exact fault before ordering a service call

• Easy, simple and reliable panic button functionality for immediate activation, used in robbery situations (overrules all alarm signals)

• Easy fog elimination by push-button while safely powering down the alarm system before service

• Testing and/or priming the pump of the fog cannon by push-button

• Unique ATM protection mode on PROTECT 600i, 1100i and 2200i

• USB-connector in case a change of software is required

• A set of dipswitches for easy set up and confi guration of the fog time settings (large projects – requires individual programming)

• The MultiCard can be used in all PROTECT models in seconds (except Xtratus)

Input type
Optically isolated Bidirectional DC
Input activation level (guaranteed ON)
7 – 30VDC (Max)
Input not activated (guaranteed OFF)
0 – 1VDC
Input current
2mA@12V, 4mA@24V
Output type
Optically isolated Bidirectional
Overload protected solid state relay, max rating
120mA continuous / 30VDC (20VAC)
ON resistance
Typical 28 Ohm (Max 35 Ohm)
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